• We build APIs & Datalakes for Others,

    and things we wish existed for Ourselves.

    Built with Craftsmanship & Enthusiasm

  • Our Mission

    Unleash the worlds potential through accessible APIs

    We believe there's an amazing amount of untapped value, hidden behind the walls of applications, that could be connected, enriched, and unleashed.

    If only it could be accessed....

    With a well designed API, some ideas and an accessible documentation for developers, the opportunities are limitless.

  • Our Blog

    [ final product https://map.theCatApi.com ] We needed to create a live map of search requests to theCatAPI.com. Not wanting to bloat the API codebase, and wanting to iterate fast - a Serverless app was the natural choice. It turned out to be easier than expect, and users love the result. [...
  • Our Methods

    How we bring the magic....


    Design for integrations

    OpenApi & AsyncAPI specs. Ready to sync with all the platforms - Zapier / IFTTT / Tray.io / Segment / etc


    We're all in on Kubernetes & Serverless

    Cost effective, simple deployment, with practically unlimited scale. Rugged enough to be treated like an appliance.


    Compelling Developer Experiences

    +Video tutorials, code examples & developer outreach.

    We even get real developers to test your API in a variety of use-cases.

  • We Give Back

    We try and give back to our community, society, and the next generation of developers by creating public service APIs.

    We've helped 10,000's of people learn to use APIs, raise money for good causes, and learn about climate change.

    From young students, to refugees looking for a new career

    Open, accessible, easy to use APIs are the future of tech. There's so much value in the applications this generation of developers have built, that the next generation will reap by connecting them together.


    These public service APIs receive billions of requests. Designing for scale is in our blood.

  • Get In Touch

    Generally we work off referrals, however we are always happy to chat. Aden@ThatApiCompany.com


    Feel free to meet in person at our Sydney based Meetup - https://www.ThatApiMeetup.com/

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